Flash Back Through the Neon Haze of a Mirror-Riddled Tanglewilde Condo


3800-tanglewilde-80622-2Neon lighting doubles its pop in the highly reflective interior of a 1982 Tanglewilde condo, east of Gessner Rd. near the Westchase District. The funky-finished home with the nightclub-inspired interior was listed a week ago with a $135,000 asking price. A note in the listing description assures agents that there’ll be some changes coming to the walls, carpets, and some of the bath tile before any buyer moves in. So take in all the indoor scenery here, before closing time comes and the beige paint moves in:



Moody and broody, the living room off the front hall gets 2 fireplaces. One is floor-level (above) with a fleshy-toned flush surround. The other, framed and hanging, gives anyone seated an eye-level flame view:


The living and dining areas form one semi-subdivided room, with mirrors further blurring reality and repetitive illusion.




The kitchen is less flashy:


Both bedrooms are upstairs. One of them is a suite deal at the moment:



Perhaps closet doors lie behind the mirrored panels:


A crystal curtain dribbles between the room’s sitting and sleeping areas:


As with the kitchen, the bathrooms finishes have been neutralized:



The 1,500-sq.-ft. unit last sold in 2001, for $85,300. The community charges a $370 monthly maintenance fee.

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  • How is it that people used to think mirrors everywhere looked good. “It makes the place feel bigger”, they would always say. But it never did. It just made the place look tacky and weird.

  • Wow, very 1980s Porn thing they have going on in there…..

  • Wow, I was really expecting to see lines of coke laid out one at least one of those tables. Proper staging is important.

  • Westchase?