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3800-tanglewilde-80622-2Neon lighting doubles its pop in the highly reflective interior of a 1982 Tanglewilde condo, east of Gessner Rd. near the Westchase District. The funky-finished home with the nightclub-inspired interior was listed a week ago with a $135,000 asking price. A note in the listing description assures agents that there’ll be some changes coming to the walls, carpets, and some of the bath tile before any buyer moves in. So take in all the indoor scenery here, before closing time comes and the beige paint moves in:


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06/26/09 1:25pm

CLEANING UP AFTER THE WESTHEIMER PARK APARTMENTS “Austin-based Falcon Southwest expects the demolition to be complete by July on the 185-unit complex at 9235 Westheimer, between Fondren and Gessner. Phil Capron, president of Falcon Southwest, says the property was under contract late last year to an apartment developer who wanted to build a five-story complex on the 4.8-acre site. The developer, whom he won’t name, could not get financing because of market conditions. Falcon Southwest will plant grass on the site before relisting it because “it will show better totally clean,” Capron says. He hopes to sell the tract for $30 to $35 per square foot, which would put the price between $6.3 million and $7.4 million. Falcon Southwest also owns the next door Westheimer Terrace Apartments, which are not for sale now, but Capron says will be at some time in the future.” [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot]

05/12/08 11:33am

9547 Meadowbriar Ln., Tanglewilde, Houston

Upset that you missed that 1956 Lars Bang home in Braesvalley Swamplot featured last month? An option was taken out on it the same day we featured it.

But . . . the buyers of that house have put their own Tanglewilde Modern on the market. It was built the same year. Realtor Robert Searcy says it’ll have an open house, as Houston Mod’s “mod of the month,” next week.

After the jump: That turquoise tile, and that giant whisk!


01/08/08 10:05am

3780 Tanglewilde St. #609, Houston

Here’s a great idea: Let’s deck out a 1980s two-bedroom, two-story Tanglewilde condo. It’ll look really sophisticated and sell fast, too! First, add the sleek blond leather furniture. Then build a dramatically lit aquarium into the dining area, so you can see the back of it . . . from the kitchen! That’s gotta help this baby sell for big bucks.

Except sixteen months later, it’s still on the market. The asking price has dropped from $129,900 to $109,900, but it’s been sitting at that last number for more than 10 months. And more reductions seem inevitable: Just a few doors down, an unstaged version popped up for sale 8 days ago, and has already reduced its price to $99,000.

After the jump, more pics of the Tanglewilde leather-and-aquarium bachelor pad!