The Uptown Condos with the Italian Name

If this deluxe 26-story residential tower is built, as proposed by Interfin and Pierpoint, it’ll add 44 new condos and 2 penthouses to Uptown’s deluxe stock. And it’ll come at a premium: The Houston Business Journal is reporting that the Kirksey-designed, so-called Belfiore will be built with just 2 4,650-sq.-ft. condos per floor, each going for about $600 per sq. ft. These pricey places are planned to start going up in 2014 on a site inside Uptown’s recently expanded tax zone, just west of the Loop on S. Post Oak Ln., near that horseshoe of Wynden Dr.

Rendering: Interfin

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  • Are there tacky yellow yard signs in Tanglewood’s future?

  • Great to see a High Rise proposal I hope it gets built.

  • $600 per square foot, LMAO

  • $600 per square foot?!?! What is this Miami in 2007?

  • $600 per square foot, LMAO
    Plus HOA fees.

  • Though I like condos and think highrises are really cool, I don’t know that I would ever spend a few million on one.

  • Where are all the complaints that the architecture is boring and bland?

  • It looks like a Holiday Inn with a House of Waffles attached.

  • @RegularJoe, People on here for some reason worship Kirksey, I don’t get it, from what I’ve seen most of their projects were designed by a crack team of Accountants not architects.

  • RegularJoe – it fits in with all the other fug in the area quite nicely.

  • HOA @ $.75PSF = $3,500/month..WOW!

  • Very nice –Interfin has always built beautiful high end condos–awesome they’re building another –and unlike other Houston developers, their buildings actually get built –imagine that

  • Why on earth would anyone want to pay that much to live close to a freaking mall is beyond me.

  • Instant green card for wealthy Latin American families.

    Of course that’s what the Highland Tower was relying on too, and HCAD still shows a bunch unbought there last I checked.

  • According to Culturemap, both penthouses and 12 of the 46 residences have already been sold. I guess there is demand at this price point.

  • So many Houstonians are completely clueless regarding the amount of wealth here. I laughed out loud at the suggestion that ‘no one” would pay these prices. This building is a bargain for the millions of people who can afford real estate like this. Nice, but basic, condos in Manhattan start at $1000/SQFT and can go to more than $10,000/SQFT. HOA fees topping $10K/mo are not uncommon in NY and many cities around the world. For shoppers in this league, this building is very reasonably priced. So, no, Joe Blow and the average Houstonian are not going to buy in this building, but it’s not meant for them. I’ve no doubt that this building will sell-out within the first year of completion; and won’t be surprised if it sells-out before the first owner moves in.

  • @JON, just because people have the money does not mean they will pay way above market of what it’s worth. Houston is not Manhattan and is not Miami, there’s a certain acceptable price… this is not it. Just look at 2727 Kirby, it’s still sputtering a few years after completion.

  • @commonsense, Houston is not Miami? Thanks for educating me. The high-end prices here are not comparable to NY or Miami either. This is $600/sqft, not $6000. 2727’s sales record is also not comparable. It was suckered by the recession, and yet it is now sold out – in just a few years. That’s called success. Selling out a 30 story high-rise is like selling out an entire neighborhood; few of either ever sell-out in a year. Besides, did you miss the part about the penthouses and 12 units already signed without public sales or even groundbreaking yet? True, they might not all go to closing, but to suggest that there is no interest or possibility of these selling is…clueless.