Here Come Bee Love and Special Sauce: The Corkscrew Twists Itself Into Something Hard and Fruity

The Corkscrew wine bar at 1919 Washington Ave. will be closing for good on February 9th. Appearing in its place by March will be a new “organic bar” from the same owners. Bee Love will serve infused cocktails and other drinks with fresh, local, organic ingredients and no syrups or mixes, reports the HBJ‘s Allison Wollam. And the bar will grow its own limes, oranges, and lemons.

[Corkscrew co-owner] Andrew Adams, who also owns The Washington Avenue Drinkery at 4115 Washington Ave., says it may take a little longer to get a drink at Bee Love than at other rowdy bars along the Washington Avenue corridor because the drinks will be made for “experiencing,” not just drinking.

Adams also says that by the end of March he plans to open a new over-30 nightclub right next door to Bee Love. It’ll be called Trixie’s and feature eighties music.

Photo: Heights Blog

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  • “It’ll be called Trixie’s and feature eighties music.”

    Every single bar on Washington features 80’s music. And I can’t stand it! Play some interesting music that isn’t 80’s, classic rock, or current top 40 and maybe, just maybe, I might go to one of your bars.

  • That. Just. Sucks.

  • Good riddance. I was not a fan.

  • Bummer. I love The Corkscrew and its’ pretentiousness, but never really liked Anvil, which seems to be the concept they are chasing.

  • typo “unpretentiousness” would be correct (damn spellcheck)

  • Anvil II won’t work because Anvil runs on self-generated personality/publicity (for better or worse).

    The concept fails without locally “famous” and nonstop self-promoting owners/barkeeps.

  • Bad idea, in my opinion. The Corkscrew was my favorite wine bar. Wine bars have a good shelf life; trendy cocktail bars don’t.

    It reminds me of years ago when the owners of the Timerwolf Pub transformed their popular bar into a nightclub lounge. Since then, crowds haven’t returned and the bar keeps changing.

    Stick with what works.

  • oh well. this was a favorite place for me and my friends, going there nearly weekely for awhile. one of the few places on Wash ave that isn’t filled with shiny shirts (wine doesn’t work for them. douchebags MUST have vodka to survive). was fun while it lasted.

  • Wow….Those both sound like 2 of the worst ideas EVER. Bee Love must not plan on being open for very long because I don’t see how any bar could actually grow enough of their own lemons and limes to meet demand. But good luck to them with all that. And Trixie’s? That’s the best name they could up with??

  • I have to agree with the chorus here. Corkscrew is a great place. I will miss it, and probably won’t have much desire to visit the new place.

  • Yep, that is a real shame. I’ve enjoyed the Corkscrew for the last few years, and while Anvil is a pretty nice place for the occasional (expensive) cocktail, I’d much rather have a nice, non-douchey place to drink wine on Washington.

  • I will miss Corkcrew. The owners would be better off making Drinkery into a “finer” cocktail venue to differentiate it from others in the vicinity of being Pearl’s spillover bar.

  • Ba-a-a-a-d idea. I understand that there have been a few more wine bars added to the corridor, but the Corkscrew is a favorite, almost “classic” to many. I personally can’t stand a couple of the other wine bars full of double bags and pomp. I also understand that being flexible in business is a plus. But many of us that have lived in the area a long time envision a time when, like Richmond Ave & Downtown, Washington Ave will lose the cool factor & when that happens, you will be left with the locals-a very small percentage of Washington Ave business. And we will miss you, Corkscrew.

  • …”it may take a little longer to get a drink.” Already off to a bad reputation. Rethink this, please.

  • If I was their banker I would not lend money for this business concept. They have something that works (Corkscrew) and have established brand recognition. Also, I’m all for the environment- I love local produce and all that- but if I order a mojito and the bartender has to run out back to pick some mint leaves and chop down sugar cane… well I probably won’t be coming back. And “Trixie’s”, seriously?

  • sad to see another wine bar closing… but happy they’re retaining ownership in the new place.

  • All you guys who want to knock the new concept and talk about how you’ll miss the Corkscrew should have actually supported it when it was open. Then it wouldn’t have closed, would it?