Hidden Goods Now Hiding in Plain Sight in Cottage Grove

5734 Larkin St., Cottage Grove, Houston, 77007

Behind the window bars and No Trespassing sign at 5734 Larkin St., a TABC application notice has been hanging out lately, a reader notes. The posting, which mentions the trade name Hidden Goods and denotes a request for late hours and beer and wine sales in the former home, is 2 doors down the street from residence-turned-cocktail-bar Down the Street at 5746 Larkin; other nearby hotspots on the block include the Iglesia Bautista Hosanna and the Larkin Street Baptist Church. The bar-to-be’s published legal notice from mid-December sports the name of Down the Street owner Cheryl Crider, who also opened opened bar-slash-coffee-shop Around the Corner in East Downtown back in 2015.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Down Larkin St.

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  • I like Down the Street but parking is an absolute nightmare in that area. Narrow roads, ditches, etc… I also feel bad for the homeowners near there. The clientele is usually young professionals but I still wouldn’t want 2 bars that close.

  • I like the whole old homes being turned into bars…I hope it continues.

  • I agree with Gary about ditches and parking. The Heights is my least favorite part of Houston. It’s a jumbled mess to me and a great example of why cities should embrace zoning. That said, there are great businesses operating in the Heights. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to navigate.

  • Ann Potter – Cottage Grove is not part of the Heights. Just sayin. . . .

    However, I agree with above statements. The last time I tried to go to down the street, I gave up trying to find a place to park and went on to another place.

  • The great thing about Houston is that there are neighborhoods of all different types, so there should be something for everyone. If the Heights doesn’t meet your standards because it’s got open ditches instead of storm sewers, great! Live somewhere else; there’s bound to be a place that’s more to your liking. Maybe some of us grew up with open ditches for drainage and don’t see anything wrong with it.

    Like Houston but wish it had zoning? We’ve got a neighborhood for you, too: you can live in Bellaire or West U, and be surrounded by Houston while living in a city with zoning. Have more money than that? Try one of the Memorial villages.

  • Gary, open ditches carry away far more water than a closed sewer does. They are much better for drainage.

  • Ms. Pris. Where can I find information showing that this is true?