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  • Is that a still from “Plan 9 from Outer Space”?

  • Hey pal, did yo mama teach you to shoot everything with flash? or was she too busy teaching how to focus yo lens?

  • This is the feature whose return I am most excited about.

  • This is really written in the caption: “shower heard”.
    I would have normally thought, ok, these guys have a good sense of humor but I also saw “cauffered ceiling”. Oh well.

  • FYI, never buy a flipper home, I assure you ALL corners were cut and ALL expense was spared, that’s the entire business model of a flip. The pretty paint covers up decades old plumbing, electrical, and failed insulation at the minimum.

  • Wow, I would expect a little more for $579K..

  • Yep, this is my favorite feature of Swamplot. Glad y’all are back!

  • When open concepts are imposed on some older homes, they have the appearance of a kitchens jammed into living rooms. Does not work.

  • Those were on sale just the other day on Amazon…

  • A few blurry shots. A few shots with realtor in pic. So cheese

  • So yeah, I didn’t know this site existed until my realtor pointed out that my shower head was on here and of course he told me not to comment, but who am I to listen? I am a woman. For the record, all the electrical, plumbing and insulation have been replaced or is new and we actually fired two contractors because we felt like their quality wasn’t up to par with our expectations or something that we would be proud to sell, but after working with them, I can see why @commonsense would feel that way…we felt the same, but I promise ALL corners weren’t cut, just the ones that no one would notice. :) I’m kidding, honestly, it is costing us a little more because of it, but I am a grohe and hansgrohe girl and no one could tell me that we were using any other shower faucets and fixtures. Thanks for complimenting the paint color, it is Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams, freaking goes with everything. @lykos, my realtor swears it was a mistake, but I told him to leave “shower heard” because I thought your comment was hilarious. But then I thought, “shower hear” might be funnier because of the play on “here” and “hear”. Also, I think he was drinking with the cauffered thing while listing this. He is correcting that and we appreciate your pointing it out. Please keep thinking we’re funny. @texmex01, right? I would have thought the same thing, but location, and who am I to judge? @gisgo again, market. I actually prefer that the kitchen be separate so that if I accidentally drop someone’s chicken on the floor and have to put it back on a plate, no one knows but me. This whole open concept thing means I’d be cooking another chicken breast. @Toby, you’re welcome to come take more professional shots, the wide angle seems to drain the battery so the flash wasn’t working at that point if I remember correctly. Regardless of all of that, we had a party there with some investor friends and there is left over beer and wine, so if you did want to see it in person, I’d be happy to meet you there. :) Oh, and @Benjy, this is for you: https://mubi.com/films/plan-9-from-outer-space

  • @Texmex01

    Seems like the market agrees with you.