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  • I want! I see the home can come furnished. I’d lease if it also came with the car! :-D

  • Debbie, great news, This guy loves to wheel n deal as much as anyone around. Consider the car fair game! I think his middle name is actually Latin for “transact” and rumor has it he’s a descendant of Gatsby’s. Somewhat of a recluse but always somehow involved,….Rich enough to be your landlord but would lease you the shirt off his back! Best of luck. One word of advice, no Realtors.

  • Kind of creepy looking realtor.

  • Cody! Where ya goin’?

  • Is this guy just driving around looking to be rear-ended? ;)

  • My first listing on swamplot!
    JE: SLEEZER! Realtors are fine. Just not required.
    Progg: Mom? Is that you?
    GoogleMaster: Lots of our homes / apts are in HAR for sale / lease. What makes you think it’s my house and I’m moving? But… if this was my house, and I was moving, it would likely be back to where I’m from (San Diego).

    (looks like)

  • I don’t know, Cody, but the fact you own it and it has a residential homestead on it implies it’s your residence… Good luck with whatever you are doing! Are you moving to The Woodlands for better schools and family environment? Pearland, because Montrose is too hilly? First Colony, because you don’t think the City of Houston is harsh enough on people who violate the rules, and you want to pay hundreds for having exposed holes on the bricks you use as a flower bed border in your front yard(I hear the First Colony HOA enforcers make the Prius patrol look like slugs).

  • “I have no idea what’s going on”—Towelie

  • Saw this parked in the Alabama Theater lot a while back. Nice choice of ride, Cody ;)

  • Heh. Cody, yours is one of the many houses I looked at in my five-year-long hunt for a house. I *really* wanted 211, but it got snapped up before I could say “boo” (and that was 4 years ago when the market was merely hot and not sizzling).

    I loved the general layout and the back yard of 218, but some of the previous owners’ remuddling left me nearly in tears. But maybe you fixed all that. :-)

  • GoogleMaster: I’d like to think I fixed all that. The previous owner is now a good friend of mine and buying his house is how we met. Small world that he is an active apartment buyer/operator and was big in Montrose before selling out into the craziness.
    Other than the back yard + pool being redone, we replaced the roof, new AC units, foundation upgrades, finished the attic, etc. I think we’ve hit everything.
    So 211 is a great house. They’ve recently done a ton of work. As have the people that recently bought the house next door (304) and the old historic vacant house across the street (next to the 311 building). If you’re ever home shopping again, I’d take a hard look at this subdivision. I don’t think there is anywhere else I’d want to live in Houston (save Courtlandt Pl, but that’s right over the back fence :)
    Ross: Not going to another part of Houston. I wouldn’t leave this area for another area. Looking at going back closer to family.

  • @Cody – What a beautiful house! I’m sure it will sell quickly. One question – shouldn’t you have noted in the listing someplace “owner agent”?

  • Tawnya: I don’t think I need to. I’m the agent on most of our listings (for sale/lease). We tend to have about a dozen up at any given time.
    One thing I make sure to do is note on the contract that I’m a real estate agent when dealing with a party that isn’t represented. From my understanding it’s required (or at least good practice) to disclose that you are an agent when you’re dealing with someone that doesn’t have an agent. The idea being that somehow agents have magical knowledge that lowly non-agents wouldn’t have — so you need to disclose that you might have some superior skills.
    However, IMO, with the internet everyone has access to just about all data, making most agents not that useful. In the commercial space there are stand outs. Those agents that know the market data or those agents that know of deals that are not public. Or on the retail side, those agents that know the market well enough to point out where the true deals are, or are good at negotiating for their client, etc. But I think the internet is putting the squeeze on the traditional real estate model (even as the large brokers try hard to fight it). Most agents (not all), sadly, just don’t provide much value.
    Yeah, I’m way off track (and likely not doing myself any favors :)

  • Cody, NO! I am not Progg. LOL!!

  • HAR says no (0) garage
    HCAD says there is a garage
    Invisible maybe?? That would be cool!

  • Karma: HAR = what an owner or agent says about a property, HCAD = what the tax authority says about a property. So in a conflicting report on if there is a garage or not, who would you believe? :) And if its “neither”, then google maps street view or a drive by will clear things up.
    But in this case, no, there is no garage in the traditional sense of what you might expect. There was a driveway that used to go from the street, along the side of the home, all the way to the end of the back yard. The back 1/2 has been removed (turned back into yard) so now there is just a driveway that goes to about 1/2 way up the lot. Enough to park 2-3 cars (just not side-by-side). Part of that driveway is covered, but that’s not really a garage.