Lunch Is Way Over at the Old Denny’s Classic Diner on the Richmond Strip

Former Denny's Classic Diner, 6415 Richmond Ave., Houston

Former Denny's Classic Diner, 6415 Richmond Ave., Houston“By the time I got back from lunch it was completely demolished,” writes reader Robert Vercher of the long-shuttered former Denny’s Classic Diner at 6415 Richmond Ave., just east of Hillcroft. So he sends us the photo at top, to show us the current status of the chain-restaurant location that once looked so shiny and newish-old (as seen in the older photo at left). Still hungry for a late Grand Slamwich? Try the Denny’s that’s still open, a few blocks west at 8999 Richmond Ave.

Photos: Robert Vercher (demolition); LoopNet (diner)

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  • I believe the Denny’s you referenced at 8999 Richmond will be shutting down in a few weeks. Or atleast that’s the tip I got from a regular diner at the fore mentioned establishment.

  • Not so fast… The Denny’s at 8999 Richmond had a For Lease sign outside yesterday evening…

  • Isn’t that the Denny’s off/near Southmore / 288?

  • not the Denny’s off Southmore and 288, you enter from the sides of the front facade thing. The picture shows the doors directly in the front, and the Denny’s on Southmore has a bush out front…..been there so many times.

  • Swampy: ah, I thought that “classic” look was unique and I know there is one of that type on Southmore/288. We have a few buildings across the street.

  • Isn’t this the spot where a Jo Jo’s restaurant once existed?

  • There used to be a JoJo’s there before the Classic Denny’s. No great loss, it was really depressing. The JoJo’s chain was breathing its last gasp anyway. If I remember correctly it served its last crowd of strip drunks around 1999.

    The 8999 Richmond Denny’s was where I took my wife for breakfast on our first date many years ago. Ahh, memories…

  • It good to something happening on that part of Richmond, next they need to tear down the old Kingfish Market building and start the rebirth of Richmond!