Houston Photographers Dabble in Drive-By Shoots

HOUSTON PHOTOGRAPHERS DABBLE IN DRIVE-BY SHOOTS You might have seen this old ’78 VW Bus parked outside a wedding or festival, but apparently it’s not one of those vans your teachers warned you about: A pair of Houston photographers restored it into a mobile photo booth that’s been shooting around town since April. Houstonia’s Annabel Massey writes that PhotoMoto costs to rent about as much as a studio that can’t pull right up to your party — and this one has a few other material advantages too: “[Owners Brittany and Austin Havican] have recently added an airbag suspension, enabling the van to lift up and down. Brittany calls this the ‘baller aspect.’ . . . They also stuffed the van with props for their (potentially drunk) clientele: sparkly tiaras, feathered head-pieces, hats, and wigs.” [Houstonia Magazine] Photo: PhotoMoto

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