Houston Streetside Lumber Yards

HOUSTON STREETSIDE LUMBER YARDS Hurricane Ike means . . . free wood! For the taking! To woodworker Jim Fuller, southwest Houston is in bloom: “’I’m harvesting right now,’ he says. ‘I’ve got six or seven different types of wood – live oak, white oak, some kind of cedar, a stewartia. I got a huge piece of sweetgum – it was about 36 inches around and it was kind of hollow in the middle so I was able to saw it into planks right there. I also got a big magnolia, and that’s something you don’t see very often.'” [Hair Balls]

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  • Proves that there will always be someone who can make lemonade out of lemons.

    I think if someone drives around with an industrial wood chipper they could make some money by taking the tree debris away from the front of lawns faster than the FEMA contractor.

    You could charge a price if the chipped wood is kept by the homeowner and a higher price if you have to haul it away. The you could sell the wood chips as mulch. The City of Houston would even take the stuff.

    But it is nice to see a woodworker putting is craft to good use.

  • kjb434, I agree completely. That it the best kind of recycling there is… making a new product out of old. Plus, it gives new life to those fine old trees.