Google Transit Is on Its Way to Houston

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Metro says it is working with Google to add Houston’s public transportation info to Google Transit.

When will Google Transit for Houston be ready? “Sometime in November or December.”

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  • Houston’s public transit system… that’s funny! Why would google even waste it’s time? On second thought, I guess it really won’t take much time after all.

  • Good, users will good cell phones will be able to get a better transit map than the ones METRO posts at a few lucky stops and on it’s website.

  • it’s about time!

  • That’s great news. Not being able to figure out routes was the main reason I didn’t use public transit more. I eventually learned to navigate the Metro site but this looks much better.

  • So…
    It’s still not here. I’m starting to fear it’s not coming to Houston after all.


  • So, it’s nearing the end of January 2009 now, and not a peep from METRO regarding their participation in Google Maps. So now Austin, Dallas, and even Lubbock are humming along with this service, but the largest city in Texas is still stuck in the stone-age with the crappy Trip Planner tool on their website that barely works.

  • You are dealing with METRO here. Outside of the city of Houston government, METRO is the most incompetent bunch running a public agency.

  • Metro a bunch of lazy,surly,attitude challenged,mean, bitchy, crappy people. The people are the least customer friendly bunch ever. And its website is a joke. Just like its service. Another government agency ruined !!!