Houston, Where Danger Lurks: The Video

Houstonians and Woodlanders: Be on the lookout for: 1) loner backpacks; 2) sneaky, pouty model types with cameras and notebooks; 3) sketchy, overdressed dudes wearing out-of-season clothes; 4) overly polite door-openers; 5) illegally parked vehicles in crowded locations. Or really, any other potential threats.

Be aware. Trust your instincts. You make the call.

Video: iWatchHouston.org

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  • Great–the City of Houston has now given even more license for the hassling of photographers in public places. Because as you know, we are all terrorists.

  • What a joke. Our generation’s “duck and cover” PSA’s.

  • This video stokes the flames of needless anxiety often exhibited by gun-toting neocon whackos. What a joke and a waste of time and money. I especially love the white lady who calls her waitress about a suspicious backpack – do the waitstaff at Landry’s now carry bomb defusing devices?

    At least they threw in some white people as terrorists (though they made sure to have the black terrorist identified by another black man – classy).

  • A little over the top? Maybe. But if this saves one life it is worth it.

  • The only terrorists I’m aware of all work for the United States government, more specifically the CIA, DEA, NSA, ATF, FBI, and all those military branches.

    Should probably also include local law enforcement and most politicians and recent presidents of the USA.

    Who do we call again??

  • 9-11 really was an inside job and now they want us all to be suspicious of each other in order to chill disent and protest and divide and conquer. When someone really does see something and says something (Google Kurt Haskell, Sibel Edmonds, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, the Feds will ignore you or threaten you with prosecution.

  • I suggest we assign the categories to lessen the daily burden of watching out for so many kinds of dastardly villains. I’ve got the pouty model types covered. Feel free to divvy up the rest.

  • This is Houston, aren’t we all already carrying weapons?

    I kept expecting to hear them say “Stop, Drop and Roll”

  • I have all of that, except for pouty models, if anyone wants to call me in.

  • > …if this saves one life it is worth it.

    What’s the cost of living in a climate of fear?

    More likely, this initiative will cost lives by diverting attention from the government’s failure to take action on programs that actually might save lives — securing our port facilities. Say, for example, the Freeport LNG regasification plant…

  • Really? Six minutes and 17 seconds? Not really sure where this will be shown at that length, or who the intended audience is. This is the same mentality that produced a war from unconfirmed rumours regarding weapons of mass destruction. I only hope that private funds were used to produce this, it would be an epic waste of tax payer money.

  • From Jon:
    “A little over the top? Maybe. But if this saves one life it is worth it.”


    If this video actually accomplishes anything.
    You have to take account for the lives lost because our peace officers are to busy hassling photographers, the forgetful, the odd, and unnaturally cold, instead of doing anything about the real and present crimes in this city.


  • I hope to God our tax money did not go to pay for this because it could have been 6 minutes and 13 seconds shorter. “Report suspicious behavior. The End.” Maybe if we could get the Go Daddy people to help produce it the video might be worth watching.