Steering Clear of the Super Bowl Crowds, Whether They Show Up or Not

STEERING CLEAR OF THE SUPER BOWL CROWDS, WHETHER THEY SHOW UP OR NOT convention-center-super-bowlSteve Jansen of the Houston Press runs through some numbers this week for the impending Super Bowl LI — many of which depend on the wide range of visitor estimates put forth by booster groups and analysts. The Super Bowl Host Committee claimed to expect over a million visitors back in 2014 (though that number appears to include local folks stopping by all of the week’s lead-up events); more recently, a consulting firm hired by the committee offered an estimate of 138,000 non-local visitors. Jansen writes that “there will certainly be fewer football fans in town since the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys aren’t playing in the grand finale. But it doesn’t matter a heck of a lot, because the phenomenon of ‘the Super Bowl is awful, I’m getting the hell out of here’ — called the crowding-out effect in economic parlance — is going to happen no matter what . . .” [Houston Press; previously on Swamplot] Photo of George R. Brown Convention Center remodeling and Super Bowl signage: Jesus Jimenez via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • That person’s comment makes no sense. If it was Dallas in the super bowl, folks would have come in Saturday., as opposed to Thursday. If it was the Texans, it would have been no visitors. All the hotel operators I know were jumping for joy when the Texas teams were eliminated. Is this quote trolling or do people really believe it????

  • If the Packers or Steelers made it there would be a whole lot more people here

  • Soooo thankful that Dallas didn’t make it to the Superbowl or else I would’ve left town! Htownproud: I disagree that Dallas fans wouldn’t get here till Saturday! Jones would’ve made sure to have a ton of buses heading here for fans to celebrate all week long by the simple fact that they were in the Super Bowl here in Houston. Just my two cent opinion.