Houston’s Chief Demolition Officer Takes Her Turn

Mayor Parker, after a stint behind the controls of JTB Services’ excavator at yesterday’s demolition of the Candlelight Trails condominium complex north of Tidwell:

My most fun day yet as Mayor. Make all the jokes you want. I operated a giant backhoe as we demolished an abandoned property off Antoine!


Photo of Mayor Parker: Jessica Michan

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  • Oh, hell yes…I can’t pass on this one!

    1. Looks like the mayor is really making some “tracks” around town.

    2. I haven’t seen such a mess since the Heights Wal-Mart town hall meeting.

    3. Is that a backhoe between your legs, or are you just happy to see me?

    4. Headline: Mayor recovering after whiffing construction worker’s armpit.

    5. All she wants for Christmas is a pair of wrecking balls.

    6. That’s how most politicians “claw” their way into office.

    7. Think they could do the same thing to the federal deficit?

    8. Look out Dave Wilson – your house is next!

    9. The mayor finally got to wear her weekend clothes to work.

    10. Said one of the disgruntled owners to the mayor: “I’ll get you ‘back, ho!'”

  • Bet she’s going to be the man in bed tonight….(haha) Our mayor doing a hard days work is a laugh.

  • Jealous much?
    Who doesn’t want to smash stuff up with a huge machine?
    Sexual-orientation jibes at the mayor are just lame.

  • Makes all the jokes you like? *see above Hardly serious..