Houston’s Warehoused Rocketship

HOUSTON’S WAREHOUSED ROCKETSHIP Comparing it to displays of Saturn rockets in Florida and Alabama, space historian Dwayne Day finds Space Center Houston’s model of the Apollo program leftover parked in a Johnson Space Center shed structure and looking somewhat forlorn: “. . . the building containing the Saturn V is starting to deteriorate. Interior insulation is starting to crack and peel, showing considerable degradation from my last visit a year ago. This simply reinforces the impression that the Saturn V is being stored in a big garage. Houston has had the Saturn V for decades. It has housed it indoors for almost seven years, and yet the city has not improved the presentation or shown any indication that it intends to display the Saturn V with any of the affection and intelligence that the Kennedy and Huntsville communities have given to their Saturn Vs. If you look at what Houston has done it is hard not to wonder if they would have treated a shuttle orbiter with the same indifference.” [Space Review; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Dwayne Day

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  • Yep, pretty much. Look at a picture of the one in Alabama and compare it to ours… not pretty. And people don’t realize this is a more important artifact than a space shuttle, since this brought people to the moon.

    I guess if we build a nicer facility for it though, the usual folks will start hollering about “Taj Mahals.”

  • We have finally stumbled upon a good use for the Astrodome!!!! Thank you Mr. Day!

  • And Houston wanted and whined about getting a space shuttle. It’s no wonder they gave them to other cities! Obviously, the city hasn’t taken an ounce of pride in showing off properly or even maintaining what they have already received from the space program. So keep on thinking it’s all political Houston. What a disgrace for America’s so called “Space City!”

  • Right now New York’s Space Shuttle is being ‘displayed’ exposed to the elements, the 90 degree weather, 100% humidity, and the occasional brackish spray of the Hudlantic river. At least our garage would’ve been air-conditioned. lolz

    P.S. – I know this to be true because I’ve passed the shuttle on my way to work several times now.

  • First it was left exposed to the elements for decades and people complained, then it was covered by a metal building, 7 years later and people are complaining again. Where are the complaints re: the thousands of former shuttle working civil servants who still roll into JSC everyday around 9am to surf the internet and collect $100k salaries w/ big federal pensions? Perhaps they are posting here today? Priorities folks

  • I keep reading “the city” isn’t prideful or hasn’t done enough, etc. Um, most certainly realize that the federal government owns the rocket and facilities in which it is housed, right? This has nothing to do with the city of Houston. Sure, the mayor and council could submit their positions on the matter but that’s really about it.

  • Maybe if JSC or NASA cared to highlight the importance of spaceflight this hardware would be better displayed. When your space center’s museum features exciting rotating exhibits about things like NASCAR, bugs, and “goosebumps” you should not be surprised that the powers that be also don’t care about the precious artifacts in their care.