HP Go Boom: Watch These Former Compaq Buildings Disappear in a Cloud of Dust

If 2 office buildings go down in a cloud of dust in what looks like a forest, will anybody see it? In Houston, certainly — and so many onlookers have been kind enough to upload their own demolition videos, too. So here you go: vids of this weekend’s Controlled Demolition implosion of 2 unloved former Hewlett Packard office buildings at the future Lone Star College University Park campus near Hwy. 249 and Louetta. A much longer video from Hewlett Packard here features details and interviews.


Videos: YouTube users justthompson, drjjr, cmedlin, mmjaco, jordanmarie9

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  • These are the first two buildings that IAN+A designed for Compaq way back when – and my first two high-rise buildings. Sad to see them go. I guess this means I can get rid of the drawings now.

  • Aww @Tbarrow,
    don’t get rid of your dwgs.
    Rather attach one of these demolition videos and save for posterity –
    or for when, one day, you’re feeling just too full-of-yourself as an architect and need to be taken down a peg!

  • Fitting to watch that almost 10 years after 9-11.