Ice Cream Man Reopening Mytiburger

ICE CREAM MAN REOPENING MYTIBURGER Oak Forest’s Mytiburger, which shut down 2 weeks ago, is expected to reopen tomorrow under new ownership. Shawn Salyers, the owner of a local Baskin Robbins franchise 9 blocks away, noted the lines out the door at the tiny burger joint at 2211 W. 43rd St. after owner Kathy Reynolds-Smith announced her intention to close up shop. Salyers plans to add free Wi-Fi, a touch-screen ordering system, and an outdoor seating area under a tree outside. He’s also hired Reynolds-Smith, who ran the restaurant for 24 years after taking over for the previous owner — as a consultant. [The Leader] Photo: Charlotte Aguilar

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  • YES!

    Altho I hope the new owner gives the interior a modest makeover, it really shows it’s age.

  • As an Oak Forest resident – and Mytiburger patron – all I can say is, “Yea!”

  • I loved Mytiburger. It has been there since 1967 and I took my grand kids and great grand kids there. Really hated to see it close. I am glad that there will be an ice cream place there. I really miss all the older places that I am so used too.

  • Wow, really hope the building gets a great makeover. Used to work at Mytiburger, and is glad to see Miss Kathy hired on as a consultant, that way old customers can still chat with her. Hope the new business is successful.

  • Mytiburger sucked ass. I loved three blocks east for for five years. The few times I walked down there the food was so boring, so plain, so cheap and so overpriced for what you go that I almost had to laugh.

    Contrast that with SOMEburger on Studewood & 11th for example, where you get good value for the money and the food is of higher quality… and you at least get the impression that they give a shit.

    Lucky Burger in Monrose on Richmond is of the the same ilk as Mytiburger… overpriced, super cheap ingredients, small portions, and unbelievably bland and uninspired. Barely a step up from a microwave burger from 7-11. Places like 5 Guys will eventually run the Mytiburgers and Lucky Burgers of the world out of business… and not a minute too soon.

  • Jared: Don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel :)

  • The aesthetic is great. It’s a charming old building, a relic of some random small town, embedded in an increasingly affluent part of Houston. I hope that they don’t do a thing to the building.

    But I also echo Jared’s comments. The food just wasn’t a good value.

  • I use to go to mytiburger as a kid and what I now realize is that I had no taste buds! I tried mytiburger again today and it was awful the meat is super thin and has no flavor to it, they take forever to comeout plus the food is cold!
    Sorry it’s not worth it
    I can’t waste a dime at that sorry place anymore

  • What a lot of bad reviews!