Inside 2100 Memorial, Where More Than 180 Elderly or Disabled Residents Have 2 Days Left To Move Out

The apartments inside 2100 Memorial are “quite hale and hearty,” a reader tells Swamplot — and were not individually affected by the flooding that caused enough damage to the building’s fire-safety systems to trigger a 5-day move-out notice to all tenants in the 14-story structure. That notice was issued Monday night to all 188 residents of the tax-credit elderly housing facility; prior to that, construction crews and volunteers had worked to mitigate the damage and help residents left for days without water and without easy transportation between floors. Above: a view of the first-floor hallway, lined with plywood. In the building’s computer room, the removal of wood paneling revealed wallpaper left over from the building’s days as a Holiday Inn:


Here’s a view of a hallway on one of the upper floors:

Photos: (building); Swamplot inbox (all others)

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  • Does anyone know much about a trend turning hotels into senior living?
    In rapid time?
    Maybe affiliated with “A Place for Mom”?
    My folks were evacuated from south FL ahead of Irma. All’s cool but the senior living place they evacuated to was a Wyndham a couple months ago. And when I tried to contact the place to get info to send a package, I was redirected to A Place For Mom and received a VM from them in less that 2 minutes!
    This is an awesomely responsive business model, senior living being a growth industry, but it seems flimsy somehow.