International Fanfare Marks Grand Opening of New Gas Station near Hobby

INTERNATIONAL FANFARE MARKS GRAND OPENING OF NEW GAS STATION NEAR HOBBY Pemex Opening, Park Place at Dover, Houston, 77087Mexico’s nationally-owned Pemex has chosen the corner of Park Place Blvd. and Dover Ave., 1 block southwest of I-45, as the location of its first gas station outside of Mexico. Yesterday’s grand opening included a visit from the governor of the state of Campeche, one of Mexico’s most prominent oil-producing regions, as well as a performance by a mariachi band. Jordan Blum writes: “The new station includes what Pemex calls a ‘taco shack’, but other items in its convenience store are typical of such shops in the United States, and the gasoline is U.S.-produced. The fuel on Thursday was among Houston’s cheapest, at $1.55 cash per gallon of regular and $1.59 for credit card purchases.” [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Univision

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  • Pemex is the source of a lot of the “Wealthy Mexicans” that live in the Woodlands, the corrupt contracts, government monopoly, sweetheart deals led to a lot of undeserved fortunes. Now that Mexico is allowing competition from the big boys like Shell and Exxon, Pemex will go down the tubes in a hurry, in fact it may reshape the luxury real estate market in the Woodlands.

  • In terms of protocol, I wonder if the Campeche (Mexico) governor’s office told our own Overlord Governor of Texas of his visit to our fair city – and to the glamour that is the corner of Park Place and Dover.
    It would be shame that a high-ranking official came all this way and wasn’t met by some local welcoming dignitaries such as the Mayor. After all, the gas and sales taxes fall into our local buckets.

  • ^Sour grapes much? Awww, Wendy lost. :(