Is This the Most Glorious Promotional Video Ever Produced for a Vacant Lot?

Sure, nervous economists and friends, go ahead and fret about how the coming robot revolution is likely to decimate the availability of middle-class jobs. But the likely wide-ranging effects of technological change are notoriously difficult to predict. For example, after viewing the dramatic promotional video above, which brings to the treed expanse of a 0.78-acre vacant lot in The Woodlands the full power of remote-controlled robot-camera cinematic glory, does another possibility come to mind? With this marriage of drone footage, music-video-intro aesthetics, desktop video software, and soundtrack punch, has a Woodlands-area real estate agent stumbled upon the secret to unleashing desires hidden deep inside us all . . . to feed a new vacant land boom?

As delicate orchestral swells matched to lingering aerial pans and zooms tug at our emotions and the full majesty of 67 N. Glenwild Cir. (conveniently located  between The Woodlands Preparatory School and the entry gate to the Club at Carlton Woods Creekside) comes into view, can we imagine a new — dare we dream? — vacant-lot-buying frenzy, the wider availability of new technologies enabling craftily orchestrated drone footage to surround and tempt us, and transforming this once dowdy sector?


Probably not. But maybe it’ll spur somebody to buy this spot for something close to the list price of $750,000.

From the listing, here are a few more grounded takes on the site, just inside the neighborhood marker and low barrier wall at the intersection of S. Fazio Way and Carlton Woods Creekside Dr.:

Photos: HAR. Video: Erwin “Mr. Real Estate” Nicholas

Flyover Country, The Woodlands

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  • Good on them for going the extra mile but I kept thinking while watching this “omg, get over yourself dude”.
    A bit over the top for some dirt. How about: How big and how much?

  • Geez, that’s an elegy to trees. Come, cut down these beautiful trees! Not exactly a great marketing pitch.

  • My thoughts exactly, Patrick.

    But, hey, gotta put that fine arts degree* to work somehow!

    * I have a liberal Arts degree so probably shouldn’t talk….

  • I would be eager to see other videos by whoever made this. Is this their first promo for an empty lot? Is there a treasure trove of these waiting to be found?