Jonesing to Smash Up and Grab Stuff from a Riverside Terrace Mod? Here’s a Fix Coming in About 5 Weeks

JONESING TO SMASH UP AND GRAB STUFF FROM A RIVERSIDE TERRACE MOD? HERE’S A FIX COMING IN ABOUT 5 WEEKS Sign for JBD Estate Sale, HoustonThe anticipation is almost unbearable: What 1950s-era Riverside Terrace Mod will visitors have the opportunity to loot, bang up, and yank out the goodies from? That’s right: This isn’t just any estate sale, but a “tear-down estate sale,” reads the teaser from JBD Estate Sales. Which means the company is asking you to “bring your hammer and crowbar,” along with “your own help & vehicle for removing & loading large items!” Oh where, oh where will this be? Somewhere in the 77021, but the company isn’t telling until the morning of Thursday, April 16th — the sale runs that weekend. [] Photo: JBD Estate Sales

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  • Seriously? Anyone ever hear of a demo permit? This sounds like an injury lawsuit waiting to happen, at least.

  • marmer: This seems like a better way. Allows people to take what might be useful. The fact that’s in income source vs. a cost source (demo) is just bonus. I hate throwing stuff in the dump. I normally curb it and put an ad in the free section of Craigslist.
    It’s sad that people think “but lawsuits!”. How about let’s fix that problem of disgusting fuckbags suing everyone and the attorneys that keep that industry alive.

  • Curbing items always works for me. Put something out the day before big trash pickup, industrious ‘recycler’ snarfs it up in 30 minutes. Charities won’t pick up anything unless it’s shrink wrapped, near new and ready for sale. Now if I could only get scavengers to leave receipts…..

  • Cody, it is great to hear you want to recycle things than send them to the dump. I have an old house in Montrose and when I first moved to the area, I was dumb enough to think that the people tearing down the old homes around me would gladly allow me to go in and claim useful items. I’ve even offered cash. I will either get no response, or a NO response. Yet a few weeks, sometimes days before the demo, I will see people at the house removing windows, floors, etc. A few days, to a week later, the house is a pile of splinters. :)

  • I get the concept of lawsuit abuse. But allowing “civilians” to demo a building in a “smash and grab” way sounds like negligence to me. Forget lawsuit. Sounds like a serious injury waiting to happen.

  • I’m not saying it’s not an injury waiting to happen. So if you want to go and pull out a window and risk injury, so what?
    Maybe I’m just naive

  • Perhaps Vanilla Ice thought he was attending one of these?

  • This is a great estate sale company. Very friendly, reasonable prices, and professionally run. I always enjoy going to their sales. I’m sure they will make a big effort to ensure safety for everyone attending.