Katy Freeway Toll Lanes: Pay As You Go

KATY FREEWAY TOLL LANES: PAY AS YOU GO Those new HOV-ish lanes in the center of the new Katy Freeway will have a price tag attached to them by around May or so — but Harris County commissioners haven’t yet decided what it’ll be: “The county intends to use a flexible-rate system based on congestion, called dynamic pricing. Initially, certain rates will be set for rush-hour commutes, and different prices may be set for other periods. After about 90-days, the prices may change based on traffic observations. Signs near the entrances to the Katy Freeway lanes will announce the rates. Carpoolers and other high-occupancy vehicles will be able to access the Katy toll road for free during peak hours through designated lanes along the freeway. They will not be required to use toll tags — an electronic toll collection system that drivers display on their windshields — or to register with the county’s toll authority. The Katy Freeway carpool drivers must use the left-lanes only.” [Houston Chronicle, via Off the Kuff]

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  • This will be awesome once the system goes in affect. This will set the stage for the US 290 expansion and the use of the Hardy Toll Road in companion with I-45 North.

    **Ad typical anti-sprawl evil developer BS in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

  • So how are they going to successfully collect tolls from single occupancy vehicles whilst also ensuring that multiple occupancy vehicles are not tolled? Unless I’m missing something it sounds like this system will be as open to abuse as the previous Katy Freeway toll lanes.

  • Oh, and an evil developer just sprawled BS all over me. I’m going to have to burn these clothes.

  • Actually, any abuse would cause you to get charged a toll versus going for free.

    Also, a camera system is in place to issue fines for violation just like the current tollways around town.

    It is very much more effective than METRO collection system on METRORail.

  • Sure, but how does the system verify that more than one person is in the vehicle? Even if it can take a photo that wouldn’t necessarily allow the number of occupants to be counted … or am i missing something?

    Not a criticism by the way, just eternally frustrated with carpool violators

  • Currently, it’s being modeled after a successful system in San Diego.

    The primary aspect to enforcement will be represented by dedicated enforcement officers. The Tollway(unlike the original HOV System) has plenty extra room to pull drivers over to deliver citations.

    Is it going to be perfect? No, but HCTRA has much more success managing the current toll road system than METRO has managing the HOV system.