Kirby Collection’s Next Step Forward Leaves a Giant Concrete Footprint

Concrete Pour for the Kirby Collection, 3200 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, 77098

Concrete flowed over the weekend — contractors poured the mat foundation for the residential section of the Kirby Collection mixed-use development, currently under construction 1 block north of Richmond Ave. at 3200 Kirby Dr. More than 200 workers were involved in the 8-hour pour, which involved 6,000 cu. yd. of concrete and 500 tons of rebar.

Workers also left lucky Thor Equities logo coins inside the 7-ft-thick mat. A press release from Thor, the developer for the Kirby Collection, says the project is still on track to be finished by the end of 2017.


The 25-story elliptical-plan residential tower will include 7 2-story loft spaces with private yards, apparently distinct from the 7 2-story townhomes also planned along with 199 apartment units. The acre-plus pool deck south of the tower will feature cabanas, fire pits, and a bar area, Those tired of looking at the deck’s sunbathers from their window will be able to visit an area of the tower’s penthouse level that will be open to all residents as an observation deck.

Photo: Thor Equities

Going Up in Upper Kirby

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  • Fun to go back and read all the comments from the original article where everyone swears this building will never happen after the oil crash. Idiots like commonsense and Shannon who don’t actually know what they are talking about. We all knew it, but at least we have written proof now.

  • Agree, DD. One man’s crash is another man’s boom – I think Houston may have finally turned the corner on the Oil economy, and is currently experiencing an adjustment that will have the economy well positioned for years to come.

  • Houston needs a little ‘lipstick’ building!
    Lots of glass in these units, so, as apartments go, not bad.
    Lots of balconies, too – some with outdoor kitchens.
    Seems to be a slightly different /upgraded project.