La Fendee Trying To Fend Off Ending

LA FENDEE TRYING TO FEND OFF ENDING Reports of La Fendee’s demise — and Tacos A Go-Go’s emergence — here at 1402 Westheimer might have been hasty: A tweet from freelance writer Amber N. Ambrose suggests that the owners aren’t going gentle into that goodbye: “Man on the phone says they’re ‘fighting it.'” And a manager tells Swamplot this morning that the stories about the restaurant’s closing “aren’t right,” though declined to elaborate. [Twitter; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Trip Advisor

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  • Well I for one would be about a thousand times more likely to patronize Tacos-a-Go-Go than the frankly mediocre place there now. Hope any dispute is settled soon.

  • I love ow fendee. Best falafel and hummus in town. I hope they stay. There are enough tacos a gogos in town that I do t feel like we need another. I like tacos a go go but now that it’s becoming a big chain I like it a but less.

  • I say, knock it down, and put some scrappy townhouses there. Not a tacos a go go. They have terrible food.

  • No more TACOS!!!! Geez, they’re on every corner. Sorry TAGG and Torchy’s….your market is over saturated.

  • You can never have enough tacos. Or jalapeño margaritas for that matter. Yum!

  • everything I have eaten at Fendee tastes like it came out of a can.