Lawrence Marshall: Clobbered

LAWRENCE MARSHALL: CLOBBERED The Lawrence Marshall auto empire, owned and operated by former football star Ray Childress, abruptly shut down all its operations yesterday afternoon. The 7 car dealerships took up 40 acres way out in Hempstead, but were perhaps a more notable presence in Houston’s larger media landscape, where commercials featuring the former Oiler’s emphatic monotone regularly consumed huge lots of available ad space. [Houston Chronicle]

One Comment

  • Dealerships that depend on high volumes are the ones that are hurting. Smaller dealerships that made most of their money from the service departments are holding there own pretty well.

    Sad to see it go though. Several co-workers liked the service even though it was out in Hempstead.

    The famous “Clobber” line is now disconnected also. Word was some other dealerships may try to pick it up.