Library Branch Outgrows Palm Center, Will Move Across Street, and Double in Size


Above you see the Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library of the near future that is going in at 5106 Griggs Rd., and the one that stands at present in the Palm Center, catty-corner across the intersection with M.L.K. Blvd. at 5260 Griggs. Dirt started flying December 19 on the $10.6 million, Perkins + Will-designed structure, which at 16,000 sq.-ft., will more than double the size of the current facility. Books will be available for checkout in Fall 2015 if all goes according to plan.

Rendering and Photo: Houston Public Library

Booking It

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  • Why is the Government expanding Libraries!? We should just direct everyone to DrudgeReport, Fox News, and Breitbart for their science, literature, and research needs!

  • NotCommonsense: I get the parody, but as someone loves/supports the local library and watches Fox News (though not the other two sites/people), I think you’re doing a poor generalization.
    On a similar note, I always find the fascination the left has with Fox news amusing. It’s a rabid and irrational hate. I mean, when it comes to MSNBC (which is off-the-charts left), I just decide not to watch it. But I don’t see the same type of obsession with MSNBC, by the right, as I see with Fox News, from the left.
    Oh well. Happy New Year — regardless of your news source.

  • Commonsense, no commonsense. The internet isn’t a utility or required to live like water, electricity, or gas. Now, when they’re able to bring the internet over electricity at a good speed then maybe then, but in the same cost as the electricity is. Still libraries will be necessary, anyway.

  • RIght across the street they are tearing down Kings Flea Market and going to build $250k to $350k condos. Why build something in a area like this is that has way to much crime this is a mega fail. Area is 7 to 10 yrs away before for a nice condo complex should even be build

  • @Brian D check your facts. They are not building250k-350k condos. They are building affordable housing rental units.

  • Cody, you may find this study of preferred news sources for liberals and conservatives interesting (or not),

  • That corner’s really been improved, with this and the Texans’ YMCA due most likely, to the MetroRail station going in there.

  • Yes, the physical transformation of that intersection is remarkable – all four corners, plus a relatively new park next to the light rail station and KIPP Academy that went in just north on MLK. Peck Elementary slightly north of that was recently rebuilt as well. Oasis In-Town residential project went in across from KIPP a few years ago. Palm Center, or rather its owners, Houston Business Development, Inc., are also engaged in a redevelopment plan process for that property. Few places in Houston have had as much going on.