Like Pulling Teeth: Screwed Up Records Won’t Be Evicted Easily

LIKE PULLING TEETH: SCREWED UP RECORDS WON’T BE EVICTED EASILY Houston hip-hop landmark Screwed Up Records & Tapes is facing eviction from its longtime South Park storefront, says the Houston Press. The building’s owner, Dr. Zeb F. Poindexter III, reportedly has plans to expand his dental business into the store’s space at 7717 Cullen Blvd. From early 1998 until his death in late 2000, the CD and tape shop served as the musical headquarters for Robert Earl Davis Jr., also known as DJ Screw, who pioneered Screwston’s “chopped and screwed” sound. The store has been run by family and friends ever since. Blog reporter Rizoh says an eviction judge has ruled in Poindexter’s favor, but that Screwed Up Records & Tapes has filed an appeal and is waiting for a new court date. [Rocks Off; store info and samples]

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  • Man. I remember when I bought my first Screwtape here. ESG’s ocean of funk. A true Houston classic. Swiggidy swangin, biggidy bangin…and to show you busters that I ain’t to fake, I got her last night fried out jammin my screw tape. RIP ROBERT DAVIS HE DA KING OF THE SOUTH. RIP BIG HAWK. RIP PIMP C.