Looscan Library Leakage

LOOSCAN LIBRARY LEAKAGE Why is the Looscan Neighborhood Library at 2510 Willowick near Highland Village closing for 4 months of renovations — only 4 years after it was built? Problems with water infiltration.When it rains pretty good, water gets into those walls and into that doorway,” a library spokesperson tells Charlotte Aguilar. Both entrances will get new exterior canopies, and the lobby will get a new walk-off mat system to catch tracked-in water and prevent slipping. Plus: new moisture-resistant wall finishes and stone baseboards. Work begins a week from Saturday. [River Oaks Examiner] Photo: River Oaks Examiner

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  • “Work begins a week from Saturday.”

    So it’s going to rain a week from Saturday. Yaaaaaaay!

  • Like a new pair of shoes, any new building needs to be “broken in”. Sometimes it’s hard to predict ahead of time effect of weather, human traffic, or “best use” on every single feature of a new construction. Having said that, it’s a pretty big oversight not to have the main door protected from strong rains in Houston, whether by building a canopy or recessing the door deeper into the tower.

  • From Sihaya:
    “Work begins a week from Saturday.”

    So it’s going to rain a week from Saturday. Yaaaaaaay!
    I am setting my clock and readying the yard to catch all the rain. Yeah!!!

  • The Stella Link branch is also closed for renovations and is only a couple of years older. It seems like the work is behind schedule too–it’s well past the 90 days within it was “expected to reopen” according to HPL.

  • I went to ROBS next door and occasionally waited at the old Looscan for my mom to pick me up after school. I learned many things at ROBS, including not to begin sentences with “When it rains pretty good”.