Moon Tower Inn’s Old Patio Is Now Completely Plowed Following the 3-Day Farewell Bender It Hosted Last Week

Drink specials set the stage not only for what Moon Tower Inn billed as a “gluttonous celebration” of its 8-year anniversary 2 weeks ago, they also helped management get rid of all its inventory so that the venue could close down while workers install a new patio in place of its old one. Following 3 days of clearance festivities, the bar ran dry in the afternoon last Sunday — although some “cheap ass” food remained in stock until Friday, August 25, when it finally shut its doors. Now, a Swamplot reader sends the photo at top showing what used to be the Moon Tower’s covered patio transformed into an earthen field. From it, the new heated and cooled outdoor seating area will materialize with help from the equipment pictured above.

It’ll span the yard between the corner of Canal and North Ennis streets and the shipping container that architecture firm Kinetic Design Lab repurposed for the bar’s reopening in 2012:


South of the box, additional uncovered seating used to take up the rest of the bar’s 13,000 sq.-ft.:

 It’s now been cleared out too as part of the redo:

The innkeepers are calling it a 2-week job and advertising an October 9 reopening date.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (fencing); Peter K. (shipping container); Danny L. (yard); Moon Tower Inn (renovations)

3004 Canal St.

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