Movies! The Store Readies for Movies! The Liquidation

“The store is still struggling, but it’s a lot better than it was a year ago,” Rob Arcos told a Chronicle reporter late last month. But a year ago must have been pretty bad, because earlier today Arcos sent out an email announcing he’s decided to shut his Montrose indie video store for good next month. “Even if the store were to attract a new investor,” Arcos wrote, “our debt is already too high.” The River Oaks Theatre and Hollywood Video refugee opened for business across Richmond Ave. from the Richmont Square apartments in 2006.

Photo: Aaron Carpenter

One Comment

  • A valiant effort that simply couldn’t stand against technology. May the store, and esp Rob Arcos, be remembered for what they were – one of the final places where you could talk movies with a devout movie guy just around the corner.

    Best of luck to Rob with the debt and whatever he does next.

    Personal story: one time, when turning in a movie, I commented I didn’t like it so Rob said to just pick out whatever I wanted and it would be a free rental.