Museum Blvd Condo Construction Kickoff; Turner Not on Board with East Downtown Detention Center

Photo of NRG Stadium: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • @Swamplot: that Museum District condo is 37 units, not 37 stories.

  • The headline for the Museum Condo is incorrect. It’s not a 37 story building, but rather a mid-rise with 37 units

  • Re: Museum District condo project

    That is one UGLY building. Given the cost of land on this boulevard and all the high scale properties you would think that the management at Surge Homes must have had a massive stroke. Terrible is too kind a word.

  • Re: Immigrants
    Watch out here comes hardliners complaining about taxes and crimes. NFL and the flag.. we get it

  • WR: They seem to be pre-selling pretty well. Someone likes them. You only need 37 people who disagree with you :)

  • Museum BLVD makes it seems like there are no townhouses next to it, but the second picture accurately depicts the corner townhouse at Caroline/Rosedale.

  • How about water detention? Can the mayor support that?