Neighborhood Guessing Game: Bedroom Camouflage

If it’s Tuesday, this must be the Neighborhood Guessing Game! Can you figure out where this home is?

Here’s the prize we’re playing for this week: a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance, sponsored by . . . the Rice Design Alliance!

And here’s how you can win: Enter your guess of the home’s location in the comments below. If you guess correctly, you win! Unless someone else has the same guess, in which case whichever player gave the best explanation for the guess wins. Got it?

If you already know this home, or if you come across it or its listing while we’re playing the game, there are special rules for you. First of all, don’t spill the beans and mess up the game for everyone else. Instead, send Swamplot an email with a link to the listing, so it’s clear what you’re up to. Then enter an incorrect guess, but make it sound convincing — just to throw the other players off track. If you do this well, you’ll get special recognition for your efforts. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, you could win the prize!

Ready to play? On your marks . . . get set . . . look at these pics!


By now you’ve figured it out, of course. Isn’t it obvious?

Study hard! Then enter your guesses. The prize winner will be announced here on Thursday!

Update, 6/11: No more guessing! We’ve got an answer!

Photos: HAR

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  • It’s a big old house on a golf course. It was probably hot stuff when it was new in 1976, and the folks who live here have had enough money at one time to redo the master bathroom and kitchen. I dunno — Quail Valley, maybe? Maybe the owner is a decorative tile contractor…

  • I am going with somewhere around Kingwood or Atascosita on, as marmer says… a gahlf course. I’d like the range, as well as the vent hood.

  • I’m with marmer & CK re: age and updates!
    Some golfer somewhere could look out that window and pinpoint the course this house is on… alas, not me.
    (Also, LOTS of Pottery Barn furnishings at approx the SAME age as the updated cabinetry throughout the house.)

  • Definitely vintage 70s. When I first saw that leaded glass diamond window bank in the dining room and camoflauge room, I thought Huntwick Forest. With the addition of the golf course, I’ll say that is Raveneaux Country Club and the neighborhood is Champion Forest. But that carpeted living room could make it anywhere on a 20 mile belt line around Downtown!

  • totally redone early 70s or late 60s two story house. looks like a kickerillo house, but we already had one of those (which I would have won that week but didn’t play – GUS never forgot that!) kickerillo built from Gessner past the parkway – working his way west. or this could be a Meyerland type house – totally redone bathrooms, kitchen. but the woods outside leads me to believe this is somewhere off the 1-10 corridor where kickerillo built!

  • why does everyone say this is on a golf coures – am i missing something?

  • wait – i see that view – might be a golf course. well that changes my answer. have no clue now. at all!!!

  • So my decorator came through the otherday and said, “Let’s update this place, replace those outdated cabinet pulls will sleek new modern ones and let’s not stop at the kitchen, let’s do them throughout the house.” Now, all I have to do is call my dec and I am going to be the newest Rice Design Alliance member but that would be cheatin so I am going to say The Woodlands. The place has a Woodlandsesque sort of feel to it, spaciousness, pine trees, golf course, large cement pond….

  • Blech. I’ll bet there are still hints of cigarette smoke wafting through this oldie.

    Looks like a friend’s parent’s home in Northgate, i.e. Champions Lite.

  • Since Quail Valley is taken, I’ll go with the Sweetwater Country Club area. I can imagine Ms. Audrey Hepburn (have you seen my latest cheerleading trophy?) and her brother, Bubba, inviting their pals from Clements HS over for keggers while the ‘rents are at the vacation condo in Colorado. I bet that “spotted dick” carpeting is great for hiding grime. So many rocks gave their lives for this fine abode.

  • My stab in the dark this week: Sugar Creek.

    What is that on the wall behind the bathtub?

  • Gus — echoing Cathy’s comment, if we guess what is on the wall behind the bathtub do we get a prize? It looks like wet cardboard.

  • Re: Behind the tub
    Those are old metal ceiling panels with flaking white paint. Hung at an artsy 45 degree angle.

  • Conroe-ish

  • Well, if you’re going to do the whole earth tone thang in updating your 70’s home, why not throw in a bit of camouflage, too? To complete, they should string mosquito netting off the beams in the family room. I’m going to say Champions area either near a golf course or maybe adjacent to one of those creeks in that area.

  • Totally 70s redo (but kept the wood accents in a lot of rooms for dead give away). Big house and lot with pool in an older suburb near or on golf course…Sugar Land! Let’s say Sweetwater!

  • They snatched Quail Valley and Champions from me, but they’re not grabbing Pearland from me! Let’s go with Green Tee Terrace on Green Tee Drive. Could be on the creek side if not backing to the golf course.

  • All the obvious good guesses have been taken, so I am going to go out on a limb and say Newport in Crosby (70’s construction, on a golf course). And throw out a Friendswood for the hell of it as well.

  • Green Tee’s not a bad guess at all. But I’m sticking with Quail Valley.

  • Everyone agrees that this place is on a golf course,(which likely means we are all wrong) so I sugest we guess by course. I going Hearthstone. No real reason. Just got that Northwest feelin.

  • Just here to venture a guess on the bathtub decor issue – I think they are tin ceiling tiles, either vintage or with the paint ‘aged.’

  • I’m agreeing with Champions – on the jackrabbit course –
    How many different stones do I see in that bath? Yikes.

  • Kingwood, overlooking the 9th fairway.

  • That’s the 9th at Deerwood Country Club.

  • The view is of the now-defunct Clear Lake Country Club golfcourse.

  • I agree with Joni. “Is it a golf course?” Might it be the Terry Hershey recreation trail? Gof! Yuk!

  • I have that vent hood. Love it. But I have no idea where this house could be. I was going to guess Plano.

  • Doug’s Terry Hershey idea is intriguing. My parents’ house backs up to the trail and I’ve spent many hours walking their dogs back there. The denseness of the vegetation around the back yard fits, along with the general demographic (young-ish, fair amounts of disposable perhaps energy-corridor $$), as does the age of the house, maybe. However, I’m pretty sure I’m seeing bunkers out there through that game room window. I don’t have a guess but can’t wait for the reveal. Wait I think it’s in Hilton Head.

  • All those beams! Beam, beam, beam me up, Scotty…from the Raveneaux/Champions Golf Course environs to an updated ’00’s kitchen and living room with built-ins big enough to accommodate a wide-screen teevee. Still plenty of gold and brown to evoke the swinging ’70s. The poor daughter in her turquoise Audrey Hepburn hideaway is dreaming of a driver’s license or graduation day so she can get the hell out of Klein ISD Dodge and escape to Montrose or UT.

  • Why Miz Brook – that last sentence is absolute poetry.

  • I am late…:( so I do not have many areas left – let me wild guess: Ashford Forest ???