Neighborhood Guessing Game: Marble Steps

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Entry

Where, oh where could this little house be?

Good question. And just in time for this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game!

If you’ve got an answer, add it to the comments section below this post. If you’ve never played our game before, please join the fun . . . but check out the rules first. And if you’d like to see a few more photos before you hazard a guess, see below:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Den and Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Kitchen

There’s something about this place that really fits a certain neighborhood, right? Right??

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Shelves

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 18: Master Bath

That’s it! Add your guess below! The answer arrives on Thursday.

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  • It’s like the Home Depot ceiling fan section with all the different options, except that you have to walk through the house to see them all.

  • not a very slippery shoe friendly entrance…i’m guessing west u… on brompton?

  • If all of the first floor is non-carpeted, then I’ll say it’s in a flood-proned area!


  • Poor little valance…with only a few plates and an orchid to keep it company in that big old house.

    This one is so generic 2006-2007 that it’ll take someone cleverer than I am to place it. I’d say it’s one of those patio homes on Mid Lane or thereabouts, but the detached garage belies that. Still, I don’t have a better guess.

  • Looks like late 80’s/early 90’s to me but with only a light cosmetic update. It still has corian counters and that cultured marble vanity in the bathroom but they added the kooky fans and plantation shutters. It must have been pretty expensive when new to have a Sub-Zero, but I bet it is not in a hot neighborhood or they would have invested in more updates. Champions Forest maybe?

  • I am going to venture that it’s in the energy corridor around Eldridge area.

  • Maybe out in Katy – Kelliwood?

  • Hmm. The poor plates are the only wall deco left.

    This house says Sugarland to me. Or maybe Bay Oaks.

    Interesting choices in upgrades. Two fireplaces, wrought iron bannister, but corian countertops and carpeting upstairs? And sad, sad master bath.

    Red brick facade and green trim will make this one hard to sell.

  • I vote “faux-Memorial,” that Camp Logan neighborhood of out-of-scale new construction on the edge of Memorial Park.

  • Is that a golf course out back? Could it be Sugar Creek?

  • Damn tcpIV, you can make a golf course out of that? LOL, I must need a new monitor, HAHA.

  • Upon further reflection – Kingwood?

  • I don’t think it’s a golf course, I took that as a great big green garage door and a gated entrance to the back yard.

  • Smaller than it first looks — look at those room shapes! Maybe over there south-ish and west-ish of the Galleria in those neighborhoods of new patio-ish townhouse-ish things?

  • My guess would be Bellaire since the garage is in the back and it seems to be late 80s/early 90s.

  • Well, you all have been very helpful! I definitely think this is a vintage ’80s home that has had a kitchen remodel and new floors put down on the first floor. I like that library upstairs, too. Too bad they couldn’t spring for a new master bath.

    This home has got to be in the outer reaches and I’m guessing that they’re at the top of the market in their area. I still like Sugarland, but now we’ve got to add Katy and Jersey Village to mix as well. In fact, I like Jersey Village a lot.

  • I see crick. Kingwood.

  • Aaah, the Museum of Hard Surfaces. I can hear the echoes booming around this Echo-Boomer palace right now….

    Is that a detached garage with wrought iron fencing? Does that mean a brick exterior? I’ll guess off Bering/Augusta between San Felipe and Woodway-way-way-way….

  • Me thinks Champions Forest. New enough to not be Kingwood. Enough green outside the windows to not be Sugarland. Generic enough for it to not be in the loop. Entry floor and windows on side of fireplace makes it tacky enough to be Clear Lake. Hmm…

  • Too generic to be in the loop? Ha! You haven’t trounced around Bellaire and West U lately….Even areas outside of that in the loop….

  • I know this, it’s the house of teh Fresh Prince of Bellaire…

    On a serious note, I think it’s some kinda golf course housing development too… I’m going with Conroe!

    Was marble also radon emitting? Somebody should get a geiger counter on those floors…

  • Does anyone remember the movie “drop dead fred”? This looks like the house the horrible mother lived in. I am going with the Woodlands..


  • second for energy corridor

  • Def say a mid 80s house that has been recently updated. For a flip, maybe? Semi high end kitchen appliances. Why, oh why, does someone put a commercial stove/grill in a kitchen, with no hood? Have fun cooking on that bad boy. Hope you like smoke.

    Classic 80s bathroom. Could easily be inside the Loop. Will have to think some more about this.

  • That ground floor is so gaudy that I really want to say Royal Oaks, but the house is too old. The black anodized metal windows and plastic “crystal” bathroom faucet handles point to a late 1980s construction date.

    I’m going to guess Sugarland or Bellaire.

  • fugggly! no furniture! Gus – no fair!
    ok this house really could be anywhere. It’s early 90s – I’m going to say the flooring is a new update as are all the new ceiling fans. the master bath though is still stuck in the original condition. what’s with the carpet in the dining room? and why leave those plates? red brick with detached garage, don’t see any golf course. hmmmm. couldn’t be Bellaire – you just did that a few weeks ago. I will say it’s a suburb and I have not idea where – though someone said the energy corridor, that could be right. I just don’t know. ok, I’ll say a suburb out 59 south for lack of a better idea! Red brick – so 90s.

  • More: the ceilings are really low for a new house – can’t figure that out. maybe it’s an 80s. the hardware is new dark oil rubbed bronze but the doorknobs are old, silver – don’t match, means a redo. why are they ceilings so low in the back? berber carpet upstairs, another 80s or early 90s the iron stair rail though – that’s new. this is really confusing because why is the ceiling so low in the back room? it looks like 8′ or maybe 9′ – a new house would be 10 at least. ok, i’m keeping at 59 south, but I really don’t know!

  • It’s definitely outside Hwy 6/1960 and from the late 80s. Since it looks like it’s been on the market a while, I’m guessing it was one of the first new nice houses in a neighborhood that later filled up with cheaper homes, so these folks saw their value erode. Could be parts of Katy, Champions, Sugarland, etc. So many to choose from so I’m going out there and saying Mission Bend or some other neighborhood in the no-zone between SugarLand and Katy.

  • I agree that there are a plethora of generic homes in the loop; however, this house majorly predates the current de-construction lameness trend of Bellaire/West U/etc.etc.

  • Too big, and too much natural light to be Camp Logan. It’s over-sized and hideous, so it could definitely be in Sugar Land. My vote is Greatwood.