Enter the Pipe Wrench: The MainPlace Movie

All hail MainPlace! All hail mighty MainPlace! Your towerishness is so . . . smooth and strong!

Videos of Hines’s new office tower at Main and Walker Downtown and its 10 lower molar-and-bicuspid trees are out. If you can’t hear the John-Williams-for-Real-Estate soundtrack, you’re missing half the fun.

When you’re done munching on popcorn and watching the movie above, be sure to catch the slightly more sober second feature, which includes actual information about the building.

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  • After watching the video (and enduring that soundtrack!) I have these thoughts:
    – I wish downtown traffic moved that quickly.
    – the lobby looks sterile and narrow.
    – the pipe wrench’s (great name, Gus) executive patio eastern view will really suck after someone builds another building behind this one.
    – can the interior be any less inviting? The office hallways look narrow or is it just the video?

  • I took a class on green roof stuff a few years ago and went out on a number of them. But speaking of the executive patio rather than the pedestal roof, the occupant comfort problem is not straight-line winds so much as pressure buffets (so those little screens won’t do much that matters), so I doubt people will use it enough that they’ll notice when the view changes. It is, after all, a leasing prop, not a human environment.

  • I almost thought I was watching Dances With Wolves for a moment.

  • I half expected to see Darth Vader choking some generals in that board room…

  • Bank of America Tower has patios without so much as a screen or structural glass, that tenants actually use, so maybe it is not so far-fetched to think that tenants could utilize the sky garden.

  • Your earlier posts have officially ruined the building for me. The first time I saw the renderings I liked them; now all I can see is this: http://s355.photobucket.com/albums/r479/joke_haif/?action=view&current=modbldg.jpg

    And I agree with #1 – the Pipe Wrench IS a great name.