New Old Richmond Signage Throws It Back to Drew’s BBQ’s Furniture Store Past

The recent removal of Drew’s BBQ’s signage at 819 Richmond Ave has left a piece of its predecessor Tonala Rustic Furniture uncovered along the street. The barbecue joint closed down last month after 3 years in the 100-plus-year-old house pictured above, tucked in the southeastern portion of Montrose near Spur 527 that’s known officially as Roseland Estates.

When Drew’s first picked up there in 2015, the house was white-ish and fronted by signage for the Living Mosaic Inclusive Christian Church. That display moved, along with the church itself, to The Montrose Center’s 3 story dingbat building 7 blocks away:


But the furniture branding didn’t. Stuck up there in the years before the church arrived, it remained on the verge of resurfacing throughout all the turnovers.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

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