New Rooms To Go on I-10, Just Minutes from Downtown Houston

The city’s official new “Welcome to Houston” sign for travelers approaching from the east west was moved further west to Brookshire over the weekend, as the ginormous new Rooms To Go Super Center facing the Katy Freeway opened for business. The distribution center and store stretch a mere 1,600 ft. along the I-10 frontage road, directly across from the Igloo plant and almost 6 miles west of the Katy Mills Mall. The entire facility takes up more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. A quick partial drive-by view:

Photos: Pankaj (top) and JimmyxBoi (bottom)

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  • “approaching from the east”

    You mean west?

    And this is part of the Waller County Road Improvement District No. 1. It’s not some evil developer pushing sprawl. It’s the county pushing economic development. Over a 1000-acres south of this development has been in master plan concepts for light industrial/single family residential.

  • I just cannot figure out how there are enough people who need/will buy furniture to support “Rooms To Go” as well as “Star” and “Gallery”… Did Finger’s leave THAT BIG of a void?

  • “minutes from downtown Houston”? I dont think so. Its not even the same county. By that argument, Lake Conroe is “minutes from downtown”.

  • @kjb434: Fixed! Thanks for the catch.

  • movocelot,

    Rooms-to-Go and their other similar competitor Roomstore offer at a much cheaper price the ability for homeowners to furnish whole rooms quickly. Star and Gallery and others don’t completely offer this. They offer furniture sets, but not entire rooms down to lamps and accessories.

    I think Gallery will be fine with the competition. They have a local reputation and only use two showrooms which gives them some flexibility in reacting to the market. I think Star and other furniture outlets should take notice. Many of these places charge a lot more for the same furniture.

  • What kind of sheeple shop at a place that picks out an entire room for them?

  • GoogleMaster, that’s the only way my wife would let me buy furniture without her present, given my utter lack of decorating sense.

  • Right..what they don’t say is how many minutes…Brookshire is about 35 minutes from DT.

  • Hope Brookshire isn’t planning on this place providing jobs you can support a family on.

  • disposible furniture for disposible people in a disposible city

  • How do you know the furniture is disposable?

    Elitist attitudes like that must make a for a sad life. Couldn’t you be happy that most of the residents in this region would benefit from the increase choice and competition of a new retailer?

  • Tex, you’re disposible. But you aren’t disposable; nobody is disposable.