Newly Historic Renovated Permitting Center To Hold Preservation Workshops on Renovating Historic Buildings

All that hard work installing new wind turbines and solar panels and employee vegetable gardens at the Houston Permitting Center — or even the talk about building a hot dog stand inside — hasn’t seem to have affected its historic status, since the former Butler Brothers Building on Washington Ave in the Old Sixth Ward was given a protected landmark designation yesterday. And what does the newly historic and well-preserved Permitting Center plan to do with this street cred? Why, host historic preservation fairs, of course!


The free, all-morning-long fair will take place Saturday, May 18, with workshops on how to research historic properties and how to snag tax exemptions, among other things.

Photo: City of Houston via Swamplot inbox

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  • It is not possible to be “newly historic.” It is possible to be newly renovated.

  • Great to see such a beautifully-executed restoration / repurposing. Hope to see more of this in Houston.

  • When visiting the permit palace please ask about their red tag specials.

  • Hope they replaced all the mean, nasty people working the application window, too. Never seen such a heartless group of folks.