North Montrose Catburglar Goes In and Out Through the Doggie Door

Note: Two updates below.

A North Montrose family found itself enriched Wednesday by a treasure trove of photos showing the burglar who had been stalking their back porch — and impoverished by the iPad, camera, and jewelry the man nabbed from his home, stuffed into a pillowcase. The surveillance pics gathered from the incident near West Gray and Montrose Blvd. are now on display in this Flickr account. They show remarkably clear images of the neighborhood’s new doggie-door burglar — nicknamed “the Ghost” because no one had caught a glimpse of him during similar incident last week — pacing back and forth in the back yard, talking on a mobile phone to an accomplice who was apparently acting as a lookout. The culprit “spent 10 minutes casing the back yard and 4 minutes inside the house,” the victim tells Swamplot.


Update, 5 pm: As noted in the comments, a person who appeared to meet the description of the doggie-door burglar was arrested near Studewood and 14th St. in the Heights earlier today. As abc13 reports, no charges have yet been filed.

Update, 6 pm: The person detained earlier today in the Heights is no longer a suspect in the burglaries, abc13’s Miya Shay reports.

Photos: Jim in Montrose

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  • we’re entered the age of cameras and webcams are just so cheap to install, every home should have at least two. kind of dumb to be robbing rich folks without a mask these days.

  • Good quality video. Were they caught?

  • I wonder what kind of system they used.

  • I love the one where his stupid saggy pants fell off.

    Also, a woman in the Heights reported seeing him today and called 911. While the police didn’t confirm that it was this doggie door burglar, they did take someone suspicious in to custody. The guy in question was at 14th & Studewood and apparently was meeting up with a couple of white vans. White vans have been reported at the scene of several Heights area break-ins recently, so this could be an awesome development if it pans out.

  • Just heard- the guy seen today at Fiesta was arrested. Apparently, he had warrants and police described him as a “really bad man.” They are happy to have him off the streets and so are we. No confirmation yet if this is the guy seen above, but either way, a bad guy is behind bars.

  • Where’s the doggie?

  • According to The Heights Life on Facebook, someone who had seen these pics spotted the suspect at the Fiesta on Studewood; police were alerted & she adds that he has been arrested.

  • Yeah, I agree with you Joel! Cameras are cheap and they help a hell of a lot in these types of situations. I hope that the people from the neighborhood are taking precaution- I know I am!

  • We had a doggie-door burglary in Montrose many years ago. From the evidence left behind, it seemed the burglar was surprised when our Doberman greeted him in the living room. He left a trail of debris on his way out … through the same doggie door he came in.

    If there’s a big doggie door, chances are there’s a big dog who uses it. Where was this homeowner’s dog Dolly??

  • Heard he has been arrested today near the Heights. Thanks to a Heights Mom that recognized his face @ Fiesta @ Studewood!!!

  • Chaulk this one up to the Heights Life and Heights Mommies. Reports of recent daytime break ins have been going around on the Heights Mommies message board. The result has been vigilant neighbors who got the bad guy off the street. Don’t mess with the Heights Mommies!

  • In my zip code no less, lovely. Good thing I have guard cats, oh geez.

  • Not him. Still at large.
    Keep looking.

  • Burgled in the Heights this past Monday. In and out in less than 15 min … dark grey Impala or Camero with tinted windows and paper dealer plates. In through back door … traumatized elderly lab. Only looking for cash and jewelry. Sure hope it was the guy they caught on Studewood.

  • @13, Jim:

    I thought I heard something on 6 o’clock news that it wasn’t the same guy.

    Will have to watch again at 10. Hope others don’t relax vigil.

  • The guy arrested in the Heights was not the doggie door guy, but apparently was wanted on several warrants and has a long rap sheet anyway. Glad to have him out of my neighborhood.

    But, yes, please keep looking for the guy above. If you check out the Flkr stream there are some really amazing photos of the guy’s face!

    In response to the activity on my Facebook page, someone in the community (not me, thank goodness) started a crime report page for sharing tips and information about crimes and suspects in the area. Check it out.

  • Too bad we can’t booby trap.

  • on a random tangent does anyone know what’s going to be put up on that overgrown vacant lot at the corner of west gray and wilson across the street from junction bar and grill? a few years back it was slated to become a highrise but fell through