Oak Creek Village Meth Lab: Strong Enough To Kill Plants

OAK CREEK VILLAGE METH LAB: STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL PLANTS The first firefighter who went inside had to be carried out by two others because he was overcome by the fumes. Investigators say something was so strong that it killed trees and grass adjacent to the garage.” Following the strange but apparently contradictory laws of TeeVee and web journalism, the print version of the report removes all references to the name of the neighborhood and the street address. (It’s 15022 Falling Creek Dr., Oak Creek Village, just north of FM 1960). [abc13]

One Comment

  • The reason is of course political correctness.

    This subdivision is situation right behind several crime ridden (according to HPD) apartment complexes that house many people evacuated during the Hurricane Katrina.

    This is also extremely close to the location where HPD performed several drug raids in apartment complexes as part of there stepped up operations.