Two Flags Over Glenbrook Valley

Rainbow Flag and Car in Glenbrook Valley, Houston

Driving around Glenbrook Valley for this past weekend’s open houses, Mr. Kimberly finds two very different home flag displays. Here’s his photo of one. The other is below:


Driveway and Confederate Flag in Glenbrook Valley

And a close up:

Confederate Flag Over Garage, Glenbrook Valley, Houston

Photos: Robert Kimberly (license)

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  • And notice which home shows more upkeep and responsibility.

  • It may reflect on the person’s ability and financial means. There are elderly people (and others) in Houston that no longer have the means to maintain larger structures such as this.

  • George you are correct there are often elderly neighbors who have trouble with upkeep on these large homes due to physical and financial limitations. In fact 12 neighbors spent a Saturday morning helping one such neighbor clear out her yard that hadn’t been maintained in years.

    However in the case of the house in the photo, he’s not elderly. Just batsh!t crazy.

  • Update: The house across the street from T.C. Burton, the Confederate flag bearer, just put up their Halloween decorations. Tombstones marked with “bigotry” “hate” “racism” etc. symbolizing their demise in Glenbrook Valley. No telling what T.C. will do to try and “one up” them. Possibly resurrecting his shrine to George Wallace? (Yes, he had one out there at one time.)

  • free speech???
    Oh, that’s right free speech isn’t tolerant unless you agree. What was (is) right isn’t tolerant. What was (is) wrong is accepted.