Opening Tonight: Montrose Bungalow Kitchen Takeover

House-sitting the JustDinner bungalow at 1915 Dunlavy in Montrose for the month of August: A “pop-up” restaurant called . . . Just August. While JustDinner’s regular chef Andrew Rebori enjoys a summer vacation, Laidback Manor veteran Seth Siegel-Gardner and partners Terrence Gallivan and Justin Yu will take over the joint, even running their own creations out to the dining room. If you’re just learning about this little escapade now though, too bad: The five-course experience is booked through August, though a few openings might still be available close to Labor Day, when Rebori returns to reclaim his kitchen. Just August dinners will set you back (Just) $45, though there’s no extra charge if you want them to pop open your bottle of wine.

A few exciting scenes of the migrant chefs moving in and cleaning up house:


Photo and video: Just August Project

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