Plans for the Transmission Dome Shift into Low Gear

Transmission Dome, 3420 Chimney Rock Rd., Houston

Sign for Transmission Dome, 3420 Chimney Rock Rd., HoustonSlampo notices another famous Houston dome from the 1960s has lost its tenants:

While its exact wonderment ranking is lost to history, it is generally recognized by preservationists and architectural historians as the first domed transmission repair shop in the 3400 block of Chimney Rock. The first fully equipped one, that is. But now the Transmission Dome has fallen into disrepair and disuse, a magnet for the graffiti artist and vagabond. There is some talk of turning the Dome into a Japanese-style hot-sheet hotel, complete with a small “gondola ride” between cubicles, but the credit crunch has probably queered those plans.

Photos: Slampo

One Comment

  • The shopping center just north of it is also abandoned, just recently it seems, even has a nice touch of broken glass already. Maybe the two lots can be combined to a larger project.