Swamplot Is Back on the Intertubes

What happened to this site on Thursday? A strange glitch knocked Swamplot off the web for a few hours — and then replaced it for much of the afternoon and evening with . . . an exercise forum!?

For a time, we suspected the site might have been hacked and then hijacked by operatives from the Mayor’s Wellness Council. Over at HAIF, a few readers speculated about other possible culprits.

Thank you for all your emails and telegrams! Swamplot, it turns out, was neither hacked nor hijacked. There were some problems with the nameservers at the site’s hosting provider, and they’ve been resolved. In the meantime, we’ve learned a lot of useful information about exercise bikes.

It’s good to be back! Those of you jonesing for the Neighborhood Guessing Game reveal: You’ll get the answer on Friday.

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