Recycling Houston Building Parts

RECYCLING HOUSTON BUILDING PARTS A new city-run Reuse Warehouse that’s been open for just 2 weeks at 9003 N. Main St. (just north of Crosstimbers) is designed to reduce the amount of excess building materials dumped into landfills. The warehouse accepts donations of extra building materials, and offers them for free to nonprofit organizations. What can you donate? “Cabinets, copper, doors, electrical fixtures and equipment, fans, flooring material, glass, gutters, hardware, lighting, lumber, metal, mirrors, pipe, plumbing, plywood, roofing material, screens, sheetrock, sinks, showers, trim, tubs, wall coverings, or windows” but no paint. “More than one-third of the waste stream in the Houston area is made up of construction and demolition material.” [Green Houston, via Hair Balls]

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  • The drop off is a good idea for cleaning up old building materials. But instead of just dropping off the material for free, you can drop off the material at scrap metal prices. Many demolition companies and contractors do this, and these are the types of situations that can bring in some cash for cleaning up. If you are looking for a recycler that pays, check out RML Metals Co.

  • Is there any similar place, other that Habitat for Humanity, in Houston or the surrounding areas were recycled materials are offered to individuals (not just nonprofits)?