Remembering the Purple Bedroom of Her Teenage Years

Decorating a new room for her college-bound daughter, West U design blogger Joni Webb recounts the last bedroom redo:

At 15 – she stated she wanted to redesign her room herself and I decided to let her. Not that I really had a choice – she’s a willful, independent child who knows her own mind and arguing with her is hopeless. From West Elm she chose the popular cut-out headboard and nightstands, along with the matching cut-out shelf unit. The large mirror she bought at IKEA. The paint colors were also her choice – the ceiling was deep purple and the walls were a silvery lilac. I helped her pick out the fabrics – silks and crushed velvets. She has always fashioned herself a glamour girl. My mother took one look and proclaimed it “The Bordello.” This vision lasted three years.

And the new look . . . ?


Photos: Joni Webb

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  • Thank you so much for featuring this – you are always so thoughtful! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years. Your blog is incredible, congratulations on a great year!

    Thanks again,

  • Joni, your daughter should have listened to you. Very nice.

  • At least she is confident in what she wanted. Most people waiver and just throw muted boring colors on the wall.

    The redo, although monochromatic, does appear to bring in some awesome texture variation.

    My little sis being a designer is rubbing off on me.

  • Granted, the purple room is horrible, but the redo isn’t so great either. What exactly does one DO on that bed with all those big pillows? And what’s that mannequin for anyway? It looks like Joni has been shopping at the overpriced and predictably stocked Urban Market.

  • Reminds me of house shopping a couple years ago. We were looking at a house in Brenham, as a weekend home. Pretty normal decorating scheme, until we got to the master bedroom. Purple walls, gold trim, lots of dangling gold items from lamps and headboards, pillows everywhere, a purple & maroon shag carpet–my wife & I looked at each other, and both mouthed “New Orleans whorehouse” to each other. :)

    We ended up buying the place!

  • TWO purple palaces? Dang, Prince’s interior designer gets around.