Sawyer Yards’ Latest First Ward Warehouse-Turned-Art-Center Opens on Sabine St.

The former Haliburton manufacturing plant at 1907 Sabine St. is now the eighth structure to take on a post-industrial life by joining the group of First Ward art buildings collectively dubbed Sawyer Yards. Developer Jon Deal oversaw the redo of what he’s now calling Sabine Street Studios. Its new look consists of freshly-installed siding as well as added clerestory windows and doors along the parking lot on the corner of Silver and Spring streets. Spring Street Studios — another Sawyer Yards building — is just north across the street.

To the south, the building spans the entirety of Shearn St. between Silver and Sabine:


Two galleries make up the inside of the 48,216-sq.-ft structure along with 67 smaller spaces available for artists or retailers.

Photos: Sawyer Yards (renovated building); Maarten van Ess (mid-renovation)

Done Deal