Share Your Houston Dining Experiences for 25 Percent Off Gift Cards … and a Chance To Win a Chromebook

Pastrami Sandwich

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Do you know Houston restaurants like the back of your hand? Do all of the chefs know you on a first-name basis? Well then, it’s about time someone rewarded you for your expertise.

Zagat is looking for local experts to fill out its Houston Restaurants Survey. Simply share your recent dining experiences and receive 25 percent off a Getaway Gift Card® as a thanks for participating. Your comments may also be quoted as part of the next Zagat review.

Plus, if you submit one of the wittiest reviews — think “a good choice for when you’re fasting” — you’ll win a FREE Samsung Chromebook, perfect for planning your next night out on the town.

Who knew being an amateur food critic could be so rewarding?

Photo: Flickr user ercwttmn

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