Bigger Galleria Apple Store for Bigger iPhones Opens This Weekend

BIGGER GALLERIA APPLE STORE FOR BIGGER IPHONES OPENS THIS WEEKEND Apple Store Closed for Construction, Houston Galleria, HoustonOnly a few weeks after beginning sales of a pair of embiggened iPhones, Apple is ready to unveil its latest enlargement: the newly expanded Galleria Apple Store. That’s it hiding on the second level in the photo at left, behind the 60-ft.-long black wall. A grand reopening is scheduled for this Saturday. The store moved to a temporary location over the summer to allow for the widening, described in detail here. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: David Ruiz

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  • Hopefully the store won’t bend.

  • Nordstrom, Apple Store, and Chick-fil-A are about all I need at the Galleria. Though this one really needed updating. I’ve always had good service here and at the Highland Village & Memorial City stores.

  • What a cromulent development.

  • more importantly, has Zara re-opened yet after their expansion?

  • Yawn. Oh great more space for their over rated products. When Jobs was alive Apple was not only innovative, but oozed with tech style. The iPhone4 was the perfect phone, it was beautiful. Surrounded in high tech glass and the perfect size for stylish jeans. Since the 4 the phones have gotten cheaper looking and less innovative at every upgrade. The 6 does nothing the other top phones cannot, in fact on many levels it does less. How cheap of Apple to not set the bar on mega pixels on its iphone camara and to continue with that shitty aluminum skin. And that stupid iwatch, I mean that technology has been out for two years.! Cook strutted out like Apple had invented the wheel. Apple still has stylish computers but hardly worth the exhorbidant price. I’m sure I’ll check this store out, and yes I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and so far not impressed, this I believe will be my last iPhone.

  • @ Markos
    I don’t think you’re using cromulent in a cromulent manner.

  • Shannon: I agree that the iPhone 4 was the peak in terms of really being that much better than alternatives. Obviously each new phone has been better but others have caught up.
    The 6 doesn’t blow me away but I’ve hated every Andriod phone I’ve ever used so I’m still with iPhone for at least the next year or so.