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  • It would be a lot cheaper to sell one of the cars….I’m just sayin.

  • My husband wants one of these car lifts now. SWAMPLOT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

  • Nobody noticed R2 in the corner of the game room? I kinda want one of those now.

  • If a new reality show entitled “Extreme Tacky” were launched, this should be the first home featured.

  • Like most of Katy, not a tree in sight…

  • I’m curious how the garage door opens… it looks like it would hit the Delorean if opened… but they had to have it at least partially open to get the vette under it… (notice the garage door is closed in the pic though…)

  • Honey, when you park the Corvette under the DeLorean make sure you don’t have any more than a half inch clearance between the back bumper and the garage door. If I can fit my fingers between the two, that’s a fail. Thanks, Love you!