Galleria Apple Store Expansion Going Double-Wide


A construction wall is up around the former French Connection store in the Galleria. That’s where the Apple Store to its immediate left will be stretching. The MacBook, iPad, and iPhone showroom, which dates from September 2002, is old enough to have lived through a couple periods of relative ungainliness, Apple Store chronicler Gary Allen reports. At 6,000 sq. ft., it once measured almost twice the size of the typical Apple mall location. But the 2,900-sq.-ft add-on will bring the Galleria location in line with the larger standards for similar spots the company has established more recently. Here’s a map from Allen’s ifo Apple Store site showing how the storefront will double, from 30 ft. to 60 ft. wide:


Galleria Apple Store Expansion, Houston

Tipsters tell Allen the existing store is expected to close soon and move to a temporary location. The expanded store is expected to open by the end of the year.

Photo: Chris Barnes. Plan: ifo Apple Store

Bigger Mac

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  • Going to the Galleria at any time is a traffic and parking nightmare. When I need an Apple store fix, Highland Park Village is much preferred. In a pinch, MicroCenter and Best Buy will suffice.

  • I can’t believe there’s actually a website that tracks Apple Store expansions. Geez, that depresses me.

  • @Brian,

    Not that surprising, Apple users are part of a cult, every little thing they do is to be loved and worshiped and followed as much as possible.

  • @dag – Or some of us are just normal people who prefer Apple products. Not every person who uses Apple products is part of some weird cult, but thanks for generalizing and mocking so that you can feel superior.

  • Spending hundreds every time Apple releases $10 worth of improvements is an occultic practice, but I’m glad to see Apple is at least spending some of their $160B cash reserves.